In May 2019, Keith Braithwaite was just one of a growing cohort of apartment building managers faced with frustrating parcel logistics; the time wasted chasing up stolen or missing parcels, notifying tenants, and dealing with unnecessary foot traffic in the foyer had become a major issue for Unison at Waterfront apartment complex.

The Background

“There were issues of theft, missing and damaged parcels which required extra time to investigate,” explains Mr Braithwaite, “Unison staff would need to regularly check security video footage in order to identify the event or person responsible.”

Added to that, delivery couriers required Unison at Waterfront staff to sign for most parcels.

“At the end of each day, Unison staff would need to send an email to residents via the Building Management System advising them that they had a parcel to collect,” he says.

These parcels would then be left in an open corridor near the Manager’s office for collection, becoming a security issue and detracting from the building’s overall aesthetic value.

Keith Braithwaite enlisted My Parcel Locker to help streamline this process; at the time he couldn’t have predicted just how essential a parcel locker system would become in 12 months

parcels cluttering apartment building foyer

The Brief

Unison at Waterfront is a 290-apartment complex comprising two apartment buildings, and securely managing 340 monthly parcel deliveries would require the following:

  • Install an automated locker system that would eliminate parcel theft and the risk of missing or damaged parcels
  • Locker system must retain the aesthetic feel of the overall complex
  • Ensure it’s accessible to couriers without intruding on the foyer space
  • Make it centrally accessible to residents of both towers.

Actions Taken

A custom-built locker system was installed, initially featuring 27 compartments, securely accessible to tenants 24/7.

“The parcel locker was installed in the visitors car park, making it simple for delivery drivers to park and deposit parcels into the locker,” Mr Braithwaite explains.

“Positioning the locker in a central location accessible to residents of the two towers, has negated the need to install 2 separate lockers.”

Secure, Safe Locker System For Tenants

The locker installed is an Australian-made locker system designed to accommodate small, medium, medium large, large, and extra large parcels. It’s equipped with a swipe tag reader, barcode reader, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), security cameras, industrial computer, and kiosk interface.

Each compartment features an occupancy sensor to detect deliveries. As soon as a parcel is deposited, a delivery notification with pickup instructions is automatically sent to the recipient.

“Residents are immediately notified as soon as their parcel has been placed in the Parcel Locker, ready for collection at a time convenient to them,” adds Mr Braithwaite.

The locker installed for Unison at Waterfront is the only system of its kind in Australia that can digitally sign for parcels, and all courier companies are supported.

As the My Parcel Locker system is automated and touch-free from delivery to collection, the locker was COVID-ready upon installation in 2019.

parcel locker compartment open

The Result

Essential to sophisticated urban living is a seamless experience, and the installation of an automated locker system feeds into that ethos. The locker system contributes value to Unison at Waterfront in this sense. In practical terms, uptake of the system has been rapid, with the locker being modified twice to meet demand from residents.

The My Parcel Locker system is completely modular, allowing for the addition of extra locker compartments and refrigerated locker units.

“Initially the locker was to start at 27 doors,” Mr Braithwaite says, “but was upgraded to 40 doors due to the number of parcels being delivered, with a further 13 doors being added in May 2020.”

Now that we’ve entered the COVID era, e-commerce and home delivery have truly kicked into overdrive. The volume of parcel deliveries to residential buildings has drastically increased as tenants navigate a ‘new normal’ of social distancing and eschewing bricks and mortar storefronts.

“Residents are happy that they no longer need to come into contact with couriers and no longer need to sign for parcels, “he believes. “The Parcel Locker has significantly reduced the number of people handling parcel deliveries, therefore reducing the risk of Covid-19 and parcels being lost or stolen.”

With more residents having grocery parcels delivered to the complex, Keith Braithwaite is considering the addition of a refrigerated locker to the parcel locker system.

courier operating parcel locker

Unison At Waterfront – Some Quick Stats

  • Number of Apartments – 290
  • Number of registered parcel locker users: 299
  • Locker Compartments: 53
  • Parcels delivered to lockers at Unison since May 2019: 8000+
  • Monthly Parcel Deliveries May 2019: 320
  • Monthly Parcel Deliveries May 2020: 555
  • Monthly Parcel Deliveries August 2020: 933

Above all, installing a parcel locker from My Parcel Locker has addressed Unison at Waterfront’s’ core need: eliminate parcel theft and reduce overheads.

“There have been no issues of stolen parcels from the locker. The parcel locker system has reduced the need for staff to accept, record and then notify residents that they have a parcel, saving at least 30 minutes per day.”

Do you wish to know more about how a parcel locker can enhance the value, functionality and security of your property development or apartment building?

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