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Click and Collect Lockers for Retailers

Retail Click and Collect Lockers give your customers an online shopping option without the shipping costs.

Our automated click and collect lockers are designed specifically for retailers across a range of departments, from groceries to dry cleaning, providing one of the best click and collect locker systems on the market. 

Our lockers enable your customers to shop at any time of day and pick up their purchases within hours of ordering.

Generate increased exposure, foot traffic, goodwill and revenue for your business.

Click & Collect: Changing Retail

Click and collect lockers are changing the retail landscape by providing super fast, around the clock deliveries and pickups for both customers and suppliers. Customers can shop after hours and pick up their orders from a click and collect location within hours of ordering. 

Suppliers can deliver goods directly to the locker for pickup by customers, or replenish store stock after hours, creating efficient and lower cost deliveries and reduced stock levels in stores. 

Why Click & Collect Will Work For Your Business

Installing a click and collect system will provide the means to increase sales and attract more customers by  providing super fast, around the clock deliveries and pickups for both customer and supplier. They will provide an additional level of service and reduce the cost of staff.

Our Click & Collect system is a contactless experience, offering a COVID-safe option for your customers.

Key Features & Benefits

My Parcel Locker is one of the few parcel locker companies which can provide a click and collect system that is agnostic, contactless, secure and maintained by a dedicated support team.

All courier companies supported

Our lockers are agnostic, allowing any courier or delivery agent to deliver or pick up from the parcel locker safely and securely.

Onboarding is quick, easy and secure

Courier companies and businesses in the local community that compliment your business may be invited to become registered users of your click and collect locker system. This would enable them to deposit parcels and orders generating increased exposure, foot traffic, goodwill and revenue for your business. 

24/7 Access

Convenient and secure 24/7 access for parcel pickup and delivery. Suppliers can make deliveries direct to your locker for pick up by your customers, or to replenish store stock 24/7, creating efficient and low cost deliveries and reduced in-store stock levels. Shoppers are notified by SMS as soon as their orders are ready for collection.

7 Day Support

7-day support facility ensuring that every item is able to be collected or deposited and that all lockers are operational. This ensures the seamless operation of our click and collect locker system. 

Australian Made

Australian made for Australian conditions. Weatherproof lockers, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Who uses My Parcel Locker Retail Click & Collect Systems?

retail click and collect clients

Our secure delivery management systems service over 200 buildings around Australia. See our portfolio.

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If you would like more information about our retail click and collect lockers, simply request an info pack or contact our sales team.

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