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Secure Cold Parcel Solutions

Our convenient and intelligent refrigerated lockers provide a secure solution for grocery and cold parcel deliveries to apartment buildings, commercial buildings, student residences, office buildings and shopping centres.

Groceries, alcohol and other cold parcel deliveries are kept refrigerated and safe until residents and tenants are ready to collect them.

Smartly accessible

Couriers and users have 24/7 access for delivery and pickup of cold parcels via a kiosk touchscreen and barcode scanner.


Today more than ever Australians are looking for fast, contactless delivery. Refrigerated locker users can enjoy our ‘touchless collection’ feature. They simply scan the QR code sent to their phone and their locker door will automatically open.

Beautifully designed

One of the first integrated refrigerated locker systems in Australia. Both aesthetically pleasing and powerfully built, our systems boast a remarkable temperature uniformity that can be adjusted for optimal chilling.


Our refrigerated locker systems are highly customisable—easily add refrigerated compartments and connect them to the kiosk or combine them with parcel lockers into one system.

Our refrigerated locker range is ideally suited for 

Refrigerated lockers can be installed as separate units or integrated with existing parcel lockers.

Our secure delivery management systems service over 200 buildings around Australia. See our portfolio.

refrigerated locker

8 Door Refrigerated Locker Plus Kiosk

From AUD $19,990 + GST

  • Welded steel construction
  • Anti-scratch resistant powder coating
  • Automatic self-closing door design
  • Adjustable locker temperature
  • Superior compartment temperature uniformity
  • Able to combine with regular parcel lockers
refrigerated locker open

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If you would like more information about our refrigerated locker range, simply request an info pack.

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We deliver secure, automated, custom-built solutions to suit every building type.
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