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Parcel Lockers for Commercial and Office Buildings

Our range of commercial parcel lockers directly address the need for timely, safe and secure parcel deliveries. 

My Parcel Locker tailors secure delivery systems to a wide range of office buildings in the public and private sectors.

Features & Benefits 

Whether it’s a shared office space, corporate lease or government structure, commercial parcel lockers have fast become an essential building amenity for workers and tenants. Streamlining the flow of parcel deliveries and reducing courier foot traffic provides both an added layer of security and a reduced COVID risk.

Enhance your workplace or commercial development by offering a more efficient and secure way of handling all parcel delivery types, including dry cleaning and laundry.

Encourage a streamlined work environment

Providing a parcel locker solution for both private and work use will reduce distraction in the workplace and improve productivity for your tenants’ businesses. Happy tenants will be less likely to relocate and workers can get personal items delivered to the locker without fear of reprisal.

Fully automated and contactless

Commercial locker systems are seamlessly integrated with the building’s concierge services. Reduce risk, costs  and frustration for building managers as they no longer have to manage couriers and parcels.

Customisable, Modular

Customise your locker with  sophisticated branding that is consistent with the fit-out throughout your building. The My Parcel Locker system can be configured in a way that meets the operational needs of your office community.

Australian Made

Australian made for Australian conditions.  All-weather and Insulated—indoor and outdoor locker options available.

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Our Commercial Parcel Locker Projects Include:

commercial parcel locker projects

Our secure delivery management systems service over 200 buildings around Australia. See our portfolio.

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We provide secure, automated, custom-built smart lockers to suit every building type.
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