Buyers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a locker?

 Convenient and secure 24/7 access for parcel pick up.
 Reduces risk and frustration for Onsite Managers by not having to manage Couriers
and parcels.
 Save on average 1 hour per day on staffing costs needed to administer parcels
(approximately $12,000PA).
 Increased security – mail and identity theft is the fastest growing crime in Australia
and New Zealand.
 Recipients will never have to wait around for Couriers again.
 Recipient is notified by SMS, email and push notification as soon as their parcel is
 Eliminate parcels being left around doorways and reduce the chances of injury and
 Give your property a high-tech edge that attracts high quality buyers and tenants.
 Prevent bad reviews and poor feedback on social media regarding your building’s
security and mail safety.
 Platinum rental agreement available from $89.00 per week for a 15 door parcel
locker, including top level platinum support.
 Proudly Made in Australia, supporting local businesses and families.

Why should I charge my tenants fees?

You don’t have to charge your tenants to use the locker. We simply recommend charging a
small fee to help cover the cost of servicing etc.
A fee encourages tenants to collect their parcels within the free pick up period, keeping the
locker vacant for more deliveries.
First time users get 2 free uses – To encourage users to download the App and become a
subscriber, we recommend providing each new user with ‘2 free uses’ when they initially
download the App. Go to your App Store or Play Store and download the FREE ‘My Parcel
Locker’ App.
If users collect their parcel within the free pick up period (which is set by you), they receive
the service for free.

Do you have a support line?

Brisbane  (07) 3123 2862
Sydney  (02) 8073 4298
Melbourne  (03) 9034 5079
Perth  (08) 6365 4675
Email: [email protected]
Sales  (07) 3123 2868

Do you offer a support package?

Yes, we offer customised support packages to suit your building size and parcel delivery
Support plan fees are determined by the number of residents/users and parcel locker bank
size i.e.15 door locker bank or 28 door locker bank.
As demand increases, additional locker banks may be added to deal with the growing
number of parcel deliveries. As extra locker modules are added, the support fees are then
adjusted. Please contact MPL sales for more information (07) 3123 2868.
We offer three support packages – silver, gold and platinum. (see high res chart attached)

Where are the lockers made?

My Parcel Lockers are:
 100% Australian owned.
 fully manufactured in Australia.
 made from guaranteed Australian steel & aluminium.
 designed in Australia.
We offer and
 In-house Australian software team.
 In-house Australian 24hour helpline and support.

Can all courier companies deliver into the lockers?

Yes, we accept deliveries from all Courier companies.

What happens with parcels that require proof of ID for collection?

MPL Parcel Lockers have a Signature Required Function developed in collaboration with
Australia Post, the locker will accept deliveries requiring a signature from the recipient/user.
Once a package is delivered, MPL becomes the custodian for the parcel and the users’
proxy until the parcel has been retrieved.
At any time, users may opt out of using ‘Signature Required’ via the ‘Opt Out’ option
provided on the App. In some cases, Couriers may still request Onsite Management to sign
for some parcels. Onsite Management would then deposit the parcel into the Parcel Lockers.
As soon as the parcel has been successfully deposited all risk for the parcel is transferred to

Do tenants have to download the App to use the parcel locker?

While you can use the My Parcel Locker’s a small number of times without the app, all users
must download the My Parcel Locker App to use the parcel locker ongoing. The app allows
you to see any deliveries awaiting collection by you, view your tokens/account balance, top
up your account and change your details.
Go to your App Store or Play Store and download the FREE “My Parcel Locker” App.

Can we customise the locker to match our interior colour scheme/styling?

Yes, you can choose from our standard range of locker colours or customise your locker
from our huge range of colours/ finishes. Extra charges and conditions may apply. Please
contact MPL sales for more information (07) 3123 2868

Can we choose different size locker compartments to suit our needs?

Yes, you can customise the locker compartment sizes to suit the type of deliveries you
receive. Please contact MPL sales for more information (07) 3123 2868

Do I need to insure the bank of My Parcel Lockers?

As the owner, you need to take out Insurance for the My Parcel Locker for any damage that
may occur as a result of malicious or accidental doing, or acts of God (flood, hail, fire and all
natural disasters).
Please contact your Insurance provider for further information.

Will you provide information on how to use the lockers?


Parcel Locker Training Program

Upon commissioning of your Parcel Locker, MPL will commence a training program to
ensure all Couriers and Delivery Agents for your area are familiar with your parcel locker
Onsite Management and users will also be provided with full training, fobs and information
on how to direct enquiries, concerns and support questions to MPL.
Training sessions are initially 2 hours, face-to-face. Ongoing training will be provided via
remote support for both internal and external staff.

Welcome Pack

MPL provide easy to understand instructions on how to use the lockers for you to distribute
to your residents or users. MPL also provide information on any updates to the services

Special offers for users

MPL is constantly looking for ways to increase traffic to your Parcel Lockers. This may
include negotiating with local retailers to provide discounted or free home delivery
opportunities to residents. The retailers pay each time they deposit into your Parcel Locker.
Other special offers may include free uses or discounts on bulk buys of credits. MPL will
provide you with the information and support material to encourage your residents and users
to take advantage of these offers.

Who is responsible for parcels in my Parcel Locker?

My Parcel Locker Pty Ltd (MPL) takes full responsibility for all parcels, with the exception of
fresh or frozen foods, from the moment that a parcel is deposited and logged into a Parcel
Locker until the parcel is retrieved. If it is proven that a parcel was stolen or requires repairs

or replacement as a direct result of being stored in the Parcel Locker, MPL will pay up to a
maximum of $150.00 to replace or repair such parcel, at the discretion of MPL.
MPL does not accept responsibility for parcels damaged prior to depositing into the lockers,
or parcels damaged when depositing into our lockers (such as larger parcels being forced
into lockers that are too small), or parcels being dropped or thrown or handled in a manner
that would cause damage when being deposited into the locker system.
The same applies to retrieving parcels, where parcels are dropped when being retrieved or
handled in a manner that would cause damage. If the parcels have been deposited and
retrieved in a correct manner as above, then any claim may only arise if the parcel locker
shows evidence of being damaged or interfered with through disaster events such as fire,
flood, or the lockers being forcefully opened and parcels stolen or damaged. This excludes
damage caused by faulty plumbing and sprinkler systems in the building.
MPL Parcel Locker Systems have video cameras to record each time a parcel is deposited
or retrieved. This recording may be used to assess any damage or theft claim.

What happens to Unclaimed or Overdue Parcels?

To ensure parcels are picked up promptly, users pay a fee for every 24 hours or
part thereof that a parcel remains uncollected after the free parcel pick up period has
If parcels are not retrieved within 2 weeks of delivery, or if users cannot be contacted, it may
be necessary for MPL to recover parcels to check that the correct phone number has been
used or to investigate why a parcel has not been collected. MPL will then arrange for the
return of unclaimed parcels to senders.

Is there a charge for MPLs unclaimed or overdue parcel service?

This service is included in support package costs.

Termination period?

Should you be unhappy with your support agreement and wish to terminate, you are
required to provide 90 days written notice.

There is a 10amp power requirement – how many lockers will this operate?

The Parcel Lockers are rated 120 Watts when working so basically the 10AMP power point
will support multiple lockers.

We would like to install some refrigerated lockers – is there an additional power requirement?

The refrigerated lockers are rated at 750 Watts when working so the 10AMP power will
easily support all power requirements.

We would like to install some refrigerated lockers – are there any additional requirements?

The refrigerated locker has a condensation hose that occasionally drips minimal quantities of
water so a drain point/tun-dish may be required.

Do we need to connect the parcel locker CCTV camera to Building CCTV system?

The Video and Camera footage is stored locally on the Industrial computer inside the locker
kiosk and is only used where there is an issue with delivery or pick up of the Parcel.  MPL
supply a Telstra 4G Sim Card so we do not require data unless there is an issue with
connectivity at the locker location.

How do the Couriers get access to the building without a security card?

Via a Bluetooth transceiver.
If the lockers are located in a secure area, such as a basement or foyer Couriers do not
require individual security access cards to your building. For a Courier to be able to deliver
to My Parcel Lockers they need be verified. Once the have completed this process, they are
provided with a Bluetooth fob.
Each Fob is controlled by its own MAC address. The Fobs are programmed with restricted
permissions for times and days that access to secured areas of your building is allowed. As
soon as a Courier's bluetooth fob comes into proximity with the Transceiver, a message is
sent to the Parcel Locker to verify the Fob has permission to enter and access is granted. A
log is kept on any access requiring the Bluetooth fob.

Do we need to connect the transceiver to the base building security system?

If this can be easily done, then yes, however it can also be directly hard wired to the
‘Request to exit’ button or door release system.

Can the card reader still be used as an option?

The most efficient and safest way to access the lockers is via the Bluetooth fob. This
eliminates providing each Courier with an individual secure card for your building. As you
can imagine, if each building provided them with a card they would have to carry a large
number of these, which is just not practical.