Mailbox Systems

An intelligent and secure system for apartment buildings and commercial facilities that keeps your mail safe.

secure mailboxes

Our intelligent mailbox systems combine cutting-edge technology with an attractive steel finish to improve the value, appearance and security of residential and commercial buildings.

Intelligent. Sensors within the mail box alert recipient via SMS and push notification when they have received mail. Mailboxes are accessed via bluetooth fob and touchscreen kiosk. Recipients also receive a confirmation that their mail has been collected.

Secure. Privacy flaps add extra security, making it difficult to see or access mail inside the mailbox, providing the ideal deterrent for mail thieves.

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Our secure delivery systems provide the ideal platform to meet the increasing demands of eCommerce and counter the alarming statistics for mail and identity theft, and home invasions by people posing as couriers. If you would like more information on the following products simply request an info pack or contact our delivery solutions team.


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We deliver convenient, secure and customised solutions to suit all building types.

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