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Terms and Conditions


Secure Parcel Lockers
Last updated: January, 2022

At My Parcel Locker it’s important that we keep our legal agreements simple, transparent and easy to understand. For that reason:

Your first step… you need to register
In order to use our services, you must first register at or download our App “My Parcel Locker”, available for both IOS (App Store) and Android (Play Store). You must provide us with complete and accurate user information as required upon registration. It is your responsibility to inform us or make any changes by editing the information directly on the App. We may use this information to identify a parcel for delivery or pick up.

Everyone is welcome
All Couriers are welcome to use our parcel lockers including individuals or companies using our ‘Deposit’ facility.


We will notify you
We will let you know when a parcel has been delivered. You will receive an SMS, email and push notification. When we notify you that a parcel has been delivered, you will need to collect it within the free parcel pick up period. (this is contained in your text message when you receive a delivery) or you will be charged for each 24 hour period or part thereof after the free parcel pick up has elapsed. The fees will be charged according to the user plan that you are on. If the parcel is left for longer than 14 days it may be returned to the sender.


Help us to help you
When you use the parcel locker you must help us and comply with all reasonable user
instructions and signage. It makes everyone’s job easier and in the end it helps you.


It’s your parcel now
We want to be absolutely clear that as soon as your parcel has been retrieved from the parcel locker using the SMS pin code or QR code, your parcel will be deemed as delivered by My Parcel Locker Pty Ltd. We do however accept limited responsibility where it can be proven without doubt that your parcel was damaged as a direct result of storing it in the parcel locker.


We will look after your parcel
My Parcel Locker Pty Ltd takes responsibility for your parcel from the moment that a deposit is made into the parcel locker until it is retrieved. If it is proven that your parcel was stolen or requires repairs as a direct result of being stored in our parcel locker, we will pay up to a maximum of $150.00 to replace or repair your parcel at our discretion. We do not accept responsibility for parcels that are damaged prior to depositing into the lockers, or parcels that are damaged when depositing into our lockers such as larger parcels being forced into lockers that are too small, or parcels being thrown or handled in a manner that would cause damage when being deposited into the lockers. The same applies when retrieving parcels – where parcels are dropped or handled in a manner that would cause damage when being retrieved. If the parcels have been deposited and retrieved in a correct manner as above, then any claim may only arise if the parcel locker shows evidence of being damaged or interfered with, through disaster events such as fire, flood or the lockers being forcefully opened and parcels stolen or damaged.


Security Cameras (CCTV)

Our lockers have a camera that records a snapshot each time a locker door is opened. This is saved to our cloud storage system within Google Sydney data centre. The snapshots are available to MPL staff and any authorised building representatives for the site via the dashboard interface.

A second system uses an onboard network video recorder (NVR) to record motion sensitive video only to the onboard NVR hard drive which keeps approximately 1 months of footage. This recording may be used to assess any claim. It can be used by My Parcel Locker staff to verify proof of delivery, or rectify errors made by Couriers/users. Footage is not shared with any third party without the consent of the authorised building representative.


Claims need to be made within 48 hours
All claims need to be made within 48 hours of the parcel being retrieved from the locker.


We will credit your user account
We provide a credit where it is established that the service was not available or not provided to an acceptable standard. All recharges are considered a pre-payment and therefore cannot be refunded or transferred.


You Accept
Your continued use of the parcel locker service following the date we introduce or increase
any fee, will mean you accept and agree to pay the relevant fee in consideration of the
continued provision of the service.


When something is not working
Factors affecting availability and performance such as network coverage, may determine the availability and performance of certain products, services and functions. Some mobile devices may not be compatible with our network and systems.


Talk to us first
We love what we have created here and are happy to share it with you. But to be fair, unless otherwise indicated, we own and/or licence from third parties all rights, title and interest and all material in this App and website. Please be our guests and view the material on the App and website but please do not change any part of it, copy or sell its content without asking permission from us first.


SMS Pin Code and QR Code for parcel lockers
We will provide you with a unique access code and link to a QR code that you can use to
pick up your parcel, or when you have left a parcel for collection. You must keep your
access code and QR code confidential and you must not provide it to any other person. We will not be liable for any loss or damages incurred as a result of you not complying with this clause.


Sizes of parcel locker compartments
We provide a range of sizes ranging from small to XX large. We leave it to you to select the most appropriate size when you are depositing a parcel. Be careful not to select a locker that is too small as it may damage your parcel and the door may malfunction if there is pressure placed on our electronic locking devices. At the same time please be careful not to select a locker that is too big for your parcel as this reduces the availability for users who require larger parcel compartments. We do not guarantee that there will be, at any given time, sufficient numbers of appropriately sized parcel lockers for your parcel. We monitor our parcel locker availability reports and will endeavour to add extra lockers when we see use increasing demand.


No need for you to sign for deliveries
As part of our service, we provide a unique 6 digit numeric code enabling deliveries that
require a signature to be deposited into the parcel locker. When the Courier delivers your
parcel, the Courier will enter the 6 digit as an electronic signature in the signature panel of
their scanner screen. The Courier will scan this into their system and your parcel will be
deposited into the parcel locker.


Purchasing Tokens for the payment of storage fees
Tokens are used to pay for storage fees (for lockers where storage fees are being charged).  Storage fees are payable for uncollected parcels after the expiry of the free parcel pick-up period. The free parcel pick-up period is decided by the building and can be either 12, 24 or 48 hours.  All revenue collected from the sale of tokens is paid to the building. One token is payable for every 24 hour period or part thereof that a parcel remains uncollected after the expiry of the free parcel pick-up period. Once tokens are purchased, they are non-refundable and never expire. Tokens can be used for any My Parcel Locker device in any building. Tokens can be purchased at any time by registering your credit card and purchasing tokens on the “My Parcel Locker” App or online at The fees associated with the purchase of tokens are subject to change from time to time. All users will receive 2 free tokens upon registration.


Secure delivery and storage of all Parcels

The parcel locker services provided by MPL are included in a service agreement signed by a building management entity such as the Committee, Body Corporate, Owners Corporation or Strata Manager (at your building). The parcel locker is normally located in a common area such as a mailroom, entrance foyer or basement. Where possible all parcels will be delivered and stored securely in the parcel locker. For first-time deliveries to unregistered users, a notification will be sent to the mobile phone on the parcel and the unregistered user will be able to pick up their first parcel delivery. For all future deliveries, users will be required to register either online at , or by downloading the My Parcel Locker App. If users do not wish to take advantage of the delivery service (which is available free of charge as long as parcels are collected during the free parcel pick up period), they can opt-out of the service ensuring that all parcel deliveries to the parcel locker will be blocked. See instructions for opting out, below.


If you wish to opt out
If you do not want the parcel locker to accept and store parcels on your behalf, you can choose to opt out by contacting My Parcel Locker Support with your request – [email protected]. If you wish to opt out, your parcel/s will remain with the Courier, who will leave a card with details for an Alternative Delivery Point (ADP) pickup location or nearest depot.