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Imagine a world where you don’t need to be physically home to receive your deliveries. If only there was only a way that you could know your parcel will be at home when you arrive.  The future of parcel management and storage is here.  Parcel lockers are designed as the complete package concierge for apartment buildings, corporations and commercial spaces. Your parcel locker introduces your building to the future of delivery acceptance and will automatically receive your package on your behalf.

The specifically developed My Parcel Locker system is the gateway to the accessing your deliveries. The recipient is notified via SMS and email when their parcel is delivered and includes a QR code to open the parcel locker. The recipient also receives a collection notification ensuring they are always kept in the loop.  Packages can be delivered or collected at anytime of the day or night.

my parcel locker system in use

Users can swipe their QR code for contactless collection of parcels.


Parcel theft is on the rise in Australia and is especially prevalent in easily accessible apartment buildings.  Australia Post received over 1 million complaints last year about lost and missing parcels alone.  My Parcel Locker provides complete accountability teamed with anti theft locking mechanisms resulting in fewer missing packages and happier customers.

Overseas markets already see millions of consumers using parcel lockers everyday. Online stores are outstripping traditional shopping at a rapid pace and demand for a streamlined delivery solution is growing in Australia. My Parcel Locker is at the forefront of automated parcel acceptance with an expansive national network.  Consumers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth are already benefiting from My Parcel Locker in their apartment buildings and businesses.

courier delivering to parcel locker

Courier loading parcel locker

My Parcel Locker is independent allowing access to all couriers and delivery agents.  In addition, My Parcel Locker provides accountable 24 hour security monitoring resulting in peace of mind for the building and the consumer.  Find out how My Parcel Locker’s delivery management solutions can provide the future of package acceptance for you.