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Package delivery numbers are expected to reach an all-time high this festive season. In December 2021 Australia Post delivered more than 52 million parcels during the peak of pre-Christmas shopping, and record volumes are predicted again this year.

As mailrooms across Australia are inundated with Christmas packages, building managers need to find new, more effective ways to eliminate parcel clutter and theft, and streamline the last mile of delivery. Parcel lockers are an essential parcel management solution.

Parcel Lockers – the essential parcel management solution

During  busy periods, residential and commercial buildings greatly benefit from onsite parcel management systems, specifically parcel lockers.

Parcel Lockers:
  • Provide couriers with 24/7 access to secure parcel storage, allowing them to deliver any time of the day or night.
  • Notify recipients by SMS and email as soon as parcels are delivered. Recipients do not have to wait around for Couriers.
  • Eliminate parcels being left around doorways and reduce the chances of injury and mail theft.
  • Facilitate a fast ‘contactless’ distribution process, from parcel delivery to parcel collection.
  • Reduce liability and frustration for onsite managers.

parcels cluttering apartment building foyer   

    ^ Foyer before parcel locker installation                                                           ^ Foyer with parcel locker system in place       


Looking for a parcel locker system for your building? Contact My Parcel Locker for a customised solution.