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What is build-to-rent?

Build-to-rent developments, already a long-established phenomenon overseas, are a relatively new but growing model of urban housing in Australia.

Build-to-rent (BTR) apartment complexes are designed and constructed by a Developer who retains ownership of the building when it is complete. The apartments are then rented out to tenants by the Developer, who also manages and maintains the complex.


Delivery difficulties in build-to-rent apartment buildings

The demand for fast and safe delivery is skyrocketing as Australian consumers embrace the convenience of online shopping with zest.  Consequently the growth of e-commerce has presented several challenges for build-to-rent apartment buildings. Parcel deliveries are often left in common areas which can attract opportunistic mail thieves. Onsite management staff are continuously interrupted by Couriers and residents trying to deliver or locate parcels. BTR Developers and Building Managers must seek new ways to eliminate parcel clutter and streamline the last mile of delivery (or more importantly, the last 50 metres of delivery).



^ Parcel clutter left in mail rooms and common areas, causing headaches for apartment building staff and tenants.


My Parcel Locker co-founder Kim Kake explains “Last year, Australia Post alone delivered well over 3 billion items to consumers.  While Retailers take responsibility for the start of the delivery chain, the responsibility is on the Courier to get items safely into the hands of the customer. We’ve developed an automated locker system that helps safeguard the last mile of delivery.’ 


Parcel lockers are a fast, secure and sustainable parcel management solution

One of the most effective and secure delivery management systems for build-to-rent apartment buildings are automated parcel lockers, custom-designed and manufactured by My Parcel Locker.

Kake says “We work closely with building management and Couriers to ensure we provide a premium parcel delivery experience … making their jobs easier leads to better resident satisfaction, so it is a win-win for all.”

From parcels, packages and gifts to meal kits, groceries, alcohol and pharmaceuticals, parcel lockers accommodate all delivery types and all Courier/Delivery Agents. Items are stored safely in the parcel locker until the recipient is ready to collect.


My Parcel Locker systems are:

  • A great way to eliminate parcel clutter in foyers and common areas.
  • Able to facilitate around-the-clock delivery and retrieval, and can play a significant part in managing what many refer to as the “difficult last mile” in the delivery process.
  • Accessible to all registered Couriers and can accommodate items which require a signature on delivery.
  • Coupled with a state-of-the-art bluetooth access system, so registered Delivery Agents can access areas of buildings 24/7 to deliver items.
  • Manufactured in Australia and address all security protocols, including the ‘signature required’ function which MPL specifically developed in collaboration with Australia Post.



^ Courier delivering parcels securely into apartment building parcel locker


Reducing carbon emissions for a green future

 As cities push for net zero by 2030, buildings and precincts will have to ensure that delivery inefficiencies (leading to significant emissions and congestion), are minimised. My Parcel Locker systems cut carbon emissions by providing a centralised delivery point within apartment buildings (rather than delivering to individual apartments). With the assistance of parcel lockers, Couriers have 24/7 access and a much higher delivery success rate, therefore significantly reducing the need for redelivery.

outdoor parcel locker carina qld

^ My Parcel Locker system, custom designed for a large apartment complex. Brisbane QLD.


My Parcel Locker  are an established and trusted parcel locker supplier with a network of quality Australian-made parcel lockers, click and collect lockers, library lockers, concierge lockers and refrigerated lockers, servicing well over 100 buildings around Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Gold Coast.

To learn more about My Parcel Locker products and services, get in touch with the My Parcel Locker specialist in your area.  ­Contact My Parcel Locker