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Online and socially distanced consumer spending habits grew sharply during the COVID-19 pandemic, and despite restrictions slowly being lifted, ecommerce, home deliveries and click-and-collect pickups show no signs of slowing down.

For retailers, it has become expected that a safe, contactless shopping option is available to consumers, and there’s no more effective means of providing this than a click-and-collect locker on the premises.

Click and Collect Lockers merge bricks and mortar retail spaces with the digital shopping experience—online purchases are stored in a smart locker for collection by the consumer.

According to a Deloitte consumer behaviour report The Click and Collect Consumer, compiled in September 2021, it was found that a mere 54% of global consumers would feel safe shopping instore, and that shoppers in the Asia-Pacific region would be 1.5 times more likely to favour a click-and-collect option in a post-pandemic world. Moreover, click and collect orders increased in the United States by 65% during the pandemic.

Given these indicators, click and collect lockers present retailers with an opportunity to increase sales and attract more customers, all while reducing staffing costs.

“Click and Collect locker systems are changing the retail landscape by providing fast dispatch and around the clock collection,” according to My Parcel Locker co-founder Ian Chewe. “Customers can order online and collect their shopping within hours of ordering.”

Online shopping & Contactless Pickup – Convenience & Safetyclick and collect locker at BLA despatch centre

When it comes to Australian consumers emerging from the pandemic, it’s all about immediacy and safety.  

In a post-Covid world, new consumer habits arising from the pandemic are here to stay. According to Auspost’s 2021 eCommerce Industry Report, online shopping is bigger and easier than ever before with research indicating that over 9.1 million Australian households shopped online in FY 2021. This suggests that retailers need to step up to increasing demand for a safe click-and-collect option.

“Stores are providing click and collect lockers, not just as a luxury convenience but as a necessity,” says Ian Chewe.

Last mile delivery has now become more about the last metre of delivery.

The expectations of Australian consumers are increasing when it comes to their online delivery options; the default expectation is for an automated, contactless and secure pickup option.

Customers are choosing to shop at times that suit them and the trend towards online shopping is well known.

Installing a click and collect locker will immediately transform and open up your business to customers who want the freedom to choose when they want to shop and pick up their orders.

After hours sales and pick up service – made possible by Click and Collect

Offering an after-hours sales and pick up service will provide customers with the ability to place an order after hours and then pick up the order soon after.

Customers pay an after-hours pick up fee or require a minimum order value to be able to use this service, therefore creating a new customer market and providing a ‘customer-centric’ level of service and shopping experience.

A safe delivery option for suppliers

Click and Collect lockers can also be a game-changer for suppliers who are becoming more time poor and are struggling to meet deadlines and commitments.

“Suppliers can deliver goods directly to the locker and replenish store stock after hours, therefore providing a highly efficient delivery process at a lower cost,” says Ian Chewe.

medical click and collect locker in wa

Medical Click & Collect Locker

Broad scope of applications

library click and collect locker strathfield

Library Click & Collect Locker – Strathfield Council

Ian explains that MPL’s Click and Collect Lockers can be used by any organisation to provide an agnostic locker service, allowing courier companies and businesses in the local community to become registered users. In addition to standard retailers, My Parcel Locker has deployed Click and Collect services for council and university libraries, hospitals and pharmacies.

“We continue to expand our range of click and collect lockers to accommodate all stores and customer needs,” explains Ian Chewe, “from standard parcels to refrigerated grocery packages to dry cleaning deliveries. Our locker systems are modular and can suit the growing needs of small to large businesses. If a store can stock it, My Parcel Locker can safely store it for collection by customers.”

Click & Collect Lockers – at a glance

  • Click and collect locker systems provide secure, contactless access for delivery and pickup.
  • Customers are notified via SMS and email as soon as their order is deposited into the locker. The notifications contain an access code which can be used to open the locker door containing their order.
  • Customers can access the locker 24/7. They will never have to wait around for store open times or have to queue to pick up their orders, giving customers peace of mind knowing their order is safe until they are ready to collect it.
  • Customers can enjoy secure, touch-free collection by simply scanning the QR code sent to their phone—the locker door will automatically open, allowing for parcel collection.

If you’d like to know more about how a click and collect locker can enhance the value, functionality and security of your store, please contact  My Parcel Locker today for an information pack and a free quote.