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My Parcel Locker recently installed a 64 door automated delivery management system at Avantra Mascot, increasing security and reducing overheads.

Avantra is an apartment complex located in the Sydney suburb of Mascot. The $300 million- development was completed in 2017, consisting of 328 apartments. The 8,757 sqm complex contains one access point for couriers and an efficient concierge service.

According to complex manager Juliet, parcel deliveries to such an expansive development presented a logistical issue for both management and the 1000 residents of the complex. Considerable resources were being allocated to storing and securing parcel deliveries. “Concierge services were having to manually receive and secure parcels each day for residents,” she says.

My Parcel Locker installed the parcel locker at the main entrance foyer access point of the complex. The system features 64 doors of varying sizes. My Parcel Locker ran a brief onboarding session for concierge staff, as well as local courier services.

     parcel locker compartment open

During the COVID pandemic, parcel deliveries to Avantra increased by 25%, adding a health risk to the existing logistical issue. “I looked into a parcel locker option as a means to reduce staff hours,” Juliet explains. “It was also imperative to greatly reduce contact between concierge staff and couriers.”

Uptake of the parcel lockers by residents was rapid. “Concierge hours were reduced by 80% following installation, which is a massive reduction. This has allowed body corporate to allocate resources to the effective management of the building,” explains Juliet.

Parcel lockers give building staff and residents control and security. Discover how your building can benefit from a secure and intelligent package solution. Contact My Parcel Locker today.