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Using one of our parcel lockers is a simple, secure and automated means of delivery and pickup for parcels and packages in all buildings. Parcel lockers  are accessed by couriers and users via a central kiosk that utilises a barcode scanner and touchscreen interface. Each locker compartment features an occupancy sensor that detects the package delivery and notifies the user via SMS, email and push notification. The user then has 24/7 access for picking up the delivered package at their convenience. 

Parcel lockers are the best way of ensuring that parcels delivered to a building or facility are stored securely until users such as tenants are ready to collect them—this system ensures that tenants of buildings and facilities don’t need to wait for couriers and eliminates the risk of injury and theft.

Let’s go over how our parcel lockers work step by step. 


1. Registered couriers access the parcel locker kiosk

Couriers who have been verified by My Parcel Locker access the premises via a bluetooth fob, which has been programmed with restricted permissions for times and days that access to the building is allowed. A log is kept on any access requiring the bluetooth fob. 

The courier then delivers the package by accessing the parcel locker kiosk. After the courier scans the parcel barcode, enters the recipient’s details on the touchpad, and selects a relevant parcel size, the relevant compartment opens automatically. 


Digital Signature for sign-on-delivery

For sign-on-delivery parcels, couriers use our proprietary ‘digital signature’, or Signature Required function, which My Parcel Locker developed in collaboration with major carriers. These are the only parcel lockers in Australia equipped to digitally sign for sign-on-delivery packages.


2. Parcel deliveries are monitored and logged

Security cameras mounted above the parcel locker collect video and camera footage of all activity in the parcel locker’s vicinity, which is stored locally on an industrial computer inside the parcel locker kiosk. 

When the courier uses the kiosk to deliver a parcel, screenshots of touchpad interactions are taken and uploaded to a cloud server. 


3. An occupancy sensor confirms the delivery

Each locker compartment utilises an occupancy sensor that detects the placement of a package. 

Only when the package has been detected and the locker door has been closed will the delivery be confirmed by the parcel locker. This makes it impossible for couriers or postal workers to falsely claim a parcel has been delivered. 


4. The recipient is notified

The detection of the delivered parcel triggers a notification to the recipient, who is issued with an access code link via SMS. The link generates a unique QR code.


5. The parcel is held securely 24/7

Unlike other providers that only give users 48 hours to collect their parcel, My Parcel Locker users have 24/7 access to collect their package at their convenience.


6. The recipient collects the parcel

The recipient collects their parcel simply by scanning the QR code at the parcel locker kiosk, whereupon the relevant locker door opens automatically.


How do I get a parcel locker? 


If you wish to have one of our parcel locker products installed on your premises, you can get in touch via our contact page.

Choose your ideal setup and configuration based on your needs, such as the size of your building, typical delivery frequency, and the typical size range of parcels. You may also have colour coding or decal requests based on your foyer decor or branding. 

If you are a building tenant or resident, reach out to your body corporate and inform them of the value and security a parcel locker adds to the building. 

You can view our full range of parcel delivery lockers here.