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Secure mailbox systems can receive addressed mail and slimline parcel deliveries at any residence or building. These intelligent mailboxes employ integrated smart technology and are a modern alternative to receiving traditional mail. Apartments, multi-storey residences, office tenants, commercial hubs, retail franchises and community organisations all benefit from installing these secure mailbox systems.


How did secure mailboxes originate?

Traditional mail practices have slowed with the rise of online communication but it doesn’t make it any less important. Physically receiving mail has been overshadowed by the global technology boom. Bringing mailboxes into a new era of app-based connectivity subsequently bridges the gap to provide a better method to a longstanding convention.


automated cluster letterboxes

What are the features of secure mailbox systems?

Secure mailbox systems are intelligently designed to make receiving and securely storing mail simple. Here are some core features:


Generous storage space

Residences, owners and consumers receive a diverse correspondence in multiple sizes. Secure mailboxes feature generous dimensions to ensure a large volume of envelopes and slimline parcel deliveries can be accommodated.


Digital Kiosk

Couriers, postal workers, and tenants need to be able to access the mailbox securely and quickly. Intelligent mailboxes have a centralised kiosk that use a touchscreen and in integrated scanner to allow easy accessibility. Recipients can take advantage of key-less entry using a fob tag or PIN code.


Delivery Notification System

Secure mailboxes include the functionality to notify the recipient as soon as a delivery has been received.  The recipient will be notified by text, email or push notification from a proprietary app. Our systems additionally feature internal occupancy sensors in the mailboxes which advise and remind the recipient to collect their deliveries automatically.


Theft deterrent security

Important mail containing sensitive and confidential information is often a target for mail thieves. Stolen information is used in cases of identity fraud and more sophisticated crime syndicates have been known to sell personal information obtained through mail sources. Intelligent mailboxes are engineered with anti-theft locking mechanisms and one-way privacy flaps. These paired with an Australian regulation width mail slot will not allow access to prying hands to ensure privacy of the contents.

opening an intelligent mailbox    using fob to open mailbox

Should I use a secure mailbox system?

Do you check the mailbox multiple times a day while waiting for your mail? Does your building have a large amount of people traffic through your mail area? Do you work in a Commercial hub with multiple businesses? Do you live in an apartment, duplex or unit?  Do you want to add value to your building? The answer is YES. Having access to a secure intelligent mailbox system eliminates the uncertainty of knowing when your mail has been delivered and the worry of it being stolen. Install an intelligent mailbox solution and increase functionality, convenience and value to your building.

If you are a building manager, body corporate or property developer, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about configuration, pricing, or rental options.