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The growth of e-commerce has presented several challenges for commercial and apartment buildings. Parcel deliveries are often left in common areas which can attract opportunistic mail thieves. Management staff are continuously interrupted by couriers and residents trying to deliver or locate parcels.

parcels cluttering apartment building foyer

▲ Parcel traffic causing headaches for apartment building staff and tenants. Parcel deliveries are often left in building foyers and lobbies.


The Demand for Fast, Contactless Delivery

Today more than ever, Australians are looking for secure ‘zero contact’ home delivery as the country bunkers down during the coronavirus crisis. Continuous and daily deliveries have never been more important with large swaths of the population stuck at home.

The lockdown has seen a boost to the entire e-commerce market with the coronavirus outbreak suddenly and drastically shifting consumer habits and spending.

From January to April 2020, parcel delivery numbers in Australia have skyrocketed:

Pharmacy Items – up 285%

Alcohol – up 200%

Groceries– up 200%

Department Store items – up 184%

Managing the influx of parcel deliveries

Even prior to lockdown, parcel delivery grievances among residents in apartment buildings included:

  1. stolen or missing packages
  2. having to wait for deliveries
  3. collecting missed items from the local post office or delivery depot.


parcel lockers order online

Parcel Locker Systems provide a proven delivery solution for commercial and apartment buildings


‘Installing a parcel locker has made life easier for building occupants, with deliveries kept safe until they are ready to collect’ said My Parcel Locker owner Kim Kake. ‘It also simplifies things for onsite managers – they no longer have to deal with couriers and parcels’.

As soon as a parcel is entered into the locker, a delivery notification with pick up instructions is automatically sent to the recipient.

refrigerated locker with kiosk

Refrigerated lockers provide a secure storage solution for groceries, alcohol and other cold parcel deliveries. Perishable items can be delivered into the refrigerated locker and will be kept cool and safe until the customer is ready to collect.


Zero Contact Delivery

The locker systems provide secure touch-free delivery with users simply scanning the QR code sent to their phone. The locker door will automatically open and they can collect their parcel without touching the locker device.


my parcel locker system in use

When the resident is ready, they can go to the parcel locker and collect their package by scanning the QR code found in their delivery notification.


My Parcel Locker is also proud to support Australian workers and their families by manufacturing lockers in Australia. The company’s factory is located in Brisbane allowing fast turn around and custom designs for all building types. Normal lead time is 6 weeks from order to delivery.

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