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2020 has brought change on an unprecedented scale. Not only has COVID-19 transformed our day-to-day lives, it has fundamentally changed the trajectory of eCommerce. The figures contained in a new report from Australia Post called Inside Australian Online Shopping 2020 eCommerce Industry Report indicate that safe and secure parcel reception is an increasing priority for households and residential buildings.

5.2 million Australian households shopped online in April 2020

According to General Manager, Parcel and Express Services Australia Post’s Ben Franzi: “Home deliveries made up the largest portion of deliveries in April 2020…The influx of online purchasing has seen a record 5.2 million Australian households shopping online during the month of April – up by a massive 95% compared to April 2019. To put this into perspective, an average of 1.6 million households bought something online each week in 2019; in April 2020 this increased to 2.5 million households per week”


Parcel lockers provide contactless delivery options for consumers

“This industry-wide shift has been as dramatic as it has been swift and will no doubt alter future buying behaviour… Even as government restrictions ease, the risks associated with close contact may still be top of mind for shoppers. Contactless delivery will be key and services like 24/7 Parcel Lockers give consumers more choice and flexibility.”

Buyer behaviour

Data contained in the report shows that all retail categories have seen a significant rise, with the most dramatic category being alcohol. “Wine and liquor has been a hot favourite for Australians during the pandemic, with online purchases peaking during March and April, and reaching highs of over 160 per cent YOY (year-over-year)” say the authors.

However, while COVID-19 amplified online sales, other data from the report suggests growth was already strong before the virus sent the population into lockdown. For instance, the Black Friday/CyberMonday 2019 sales were a record-breaker. According to the report, they were up more than 31% compared to 2018, with the authors noting, “As shoppers become more accustomed to this event, so do retailers and in 2019 this shopping festival spanned more of the industry than previous years.”

According to Auspost’s Inside Australian Online Shopping Aug 2020 Update, purchases peaked after Easter, before softening through May and June as restrictions eased. Throughout July, purchases continued to increase, as restrictions were extended (Victoria). A third of online shopping purchases made in Australia in July were made in Victoria.


Post-pandemic outlook

“Though it’s still too early to say how the industry will look post-pandemic, it’s clear this crisis has set a new baseline. We had predicted that by 2025 online shopping would account for 16–18% of total retail spend, but the recent growth we’ve seen suggests the pandemic has brought this forward. We’re anticipating that by the end of 2020, online spend will hold a 15 per cent share of the total retail market,” Mr Franzi said.

Contactless, COVID-safe solutions

Through COVID and beyond, My Parcel Locker continues to provide safe, contactless parcel locker solutions for households, residential developments, and businesses. We have also taken stringent measures to ensure the safety of couriers, our customers, and our employees during this time, which you can read about here.

We continue to expand our range of parcel locker systems to accommodate all types of e-commerce deliveries, from standard parcels to refrigerated grocery packages to dry cleaning deliveries. If a courier can deliver it, My Parcel Locker can safely store for collection by building tenants at their convenience.

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If you’d like to know more about how a parcel locker can enhance the value, functionality and security of your property development or apartment building, please contact My Parcel Locker today for an information pack and a free quote.