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What to look for when buying a parcel locker

If you’re a building owner, manager or body corporate with a logistics clutter problem, this parcel locker buyers guide is for you. With an overwhelming number of businesses expanding their services to deliver straight to your door, online shopping has never been more available or convenient. However, the unprecedented growth of e-commerce presents its fair share of parcel management challenges for commercial and residential buildings, and as a result, parcel lockers are fast becoming the most popular way to tackle parcel deliveries in a COVID world.

Parcel lockers can provide a viable and secure means of managing parcel deliveries to buildings. Parcel locker options and configurations are diverse, and choosing the right one—click and collect lockers, concierge lockers, refrigerated lockers (for perishable deliveries)—really depends on your needs.

So which system is best for your building? Here are the essential aspects to consider when purchasing a parcel locker:


Ease of Use

Consider parcel locker companies that provide simple, user-friendly systems and ongoing support services to customers. Some parcel lockers offer an integrated App for users – this is a great way to keep a log of all of your deliveries and an excellent security feature for building occupants.

my parcel locker system in use

Contactless Operation

Today more than ever, Australians are opting for ‘zero contact’ deliveries. Look for locker systems that provide secure touch-free delivery, where parcel recipients simply scan the QR code sent to their phone to retrieve their parcel.


Can Sign For Parcels

Look for parcel lockers that can receive and sign for deliveries on behalf of the recipient. My Parcel Locker offers one of the only locker systems to have the authority to digitally sign for parcels delivered by Couriers. Therefore users no longer have to rearrange their schedules to be home and sign for important packages.


Large, Variable Compartment Sizes

Food deliveries are becoming increasingly popular (Hello Fresh, Weight Watchers, Marley Spoon). They often come in large insulated boxes and do not fit in a lot of foreign-made lockers.  Therefore it is important to look for parcel locker systems that are Australian made for Australian conditions.


My Parcel Locker is dedicated to researching the most common packages delivered to Australians, and continually modifying their locker sizes to suit.

Essential Security Features

  • A secure bluetooth access system: enables access by verified Couriers to secured areas such as lobbies and basement areas.
  • Sensor bars and security cameras: monitor all activity inside and outside the parcel locker.
  • Electronic record of deliveries: a system that electronically logs all parcel deliveries/transactions.
  • Secure user verification process: A secure registration process (e.g. online or using the dedicated App) that verifies all parcel locker users live at the specified address.



  • Aesthetic: Ensure you have the opportunity to choose exactly how your locker will look and the customisation options to fit your building’s colour scheme and furnishings.
  • Your building’s needs: A good parcel locker representative will be able to help you assess the types of deliveries that your building most commonly receives and the system size / compartment combination that will be best suited.
  • Integration: Choose a versatile system that can integrate with your own building App or Access Control System.


Buy Australian Made

Due to strict regulations and high standards here in Australia, when you buy Australian made you know that you are in investing in something that is made to last. Australia has a reputation for manufacturing and producing some of the highest quality products in the world. Not to mention, supporting the local economy—very important during these times.


Reputable Supplier

Look for a company that has experienced installers and locker installations in a number of buildings. Parcel lockers give building staff and residents control and security. Discover how your location can benefit from a secure and intelligent package solution. Contact Us today.

apartment parcel locker outdoor

^ Outdoor parcel locker, custom-built for all weather conditions. Proudly Australian Made by My Parcel Locker.     

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