parcel lockers for apartment buildings

My Parcel Locker is the optimal delivery solution for apartment building tenants. Installing our secure parcel locker system in your building will provide a safe and contactless solution for parcel collection. Think of it as an automated concierge for parcel deliveries.


Australian made for Australian conditions


All courier companies and postal services supported


Touch-free process, from parcel delivery to parcel collection


Eliminate mail theft from ground floor and foyer areas


Customisable to meet the needs of building tenants


Meet the home delivery boom head-on


Refrigerated locker options available

on-premises parcel delivery and collection

From delivery to pickup, it’s a convenient, automated, and above all secure process for your tenants.

1. Building Access

Approved courier accesses the parcel locker. All courier services supported.

2. Locker Access

Parcel delivery is scanned, a locker door opens and parcel is deposited.

3. Resident Notified

The tenant receives an SMS access code, allowing secure 24/7 parcel locker access.

4. Parcel Collection

As simple as scanning the QR code at the parcel locker kiosk, all contactless.

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Why does your building need a parcel locker?

Home-delivered purchases are rapidly increasing, and Australian tenants are looking for contactless parcel pickup solutions. To prospective tenants, secure on-premises parcel management is just as important fast wi-fi. They want to know that their online purchases will be securely stored and easily collected at their convenience.


Eliminate parcel theft.


Eliminate parcel clutter.


Increase building value and aesthetics.

parcel locker systems

Ready for your apartment building.


Completely Automated & Touch-Free

Lockers digitally sign for parcels and packages, ensuring deliveries are contactless and secure. Each locker compartment uses an occupancy sensor, notifying recipients of their delivered parcel via SMS.


Security cameras mounted above the parcel locker collect video and camera footage of all activity in the parcel locker’s vicinity, which is stored locally on an industrial computer inside the parcel locker kiosk. 

Modular, Custom Fit

Choose the optimum parcel locker configuration for your building and its tenants. Up to 51 locker doors with multiple compartment sizes. All customisable to match the aesthetics of your ground floor, foyer or building entrance.


Designed & Manufactured in Australia

The software and hardware are designed and built in Australia by people who understand the specific requirements of Australian body corporates, property developers, apartment complex managers, and their tenants.


24/7 Access

Never wait around for couriers. Parcels are kept safe until building tenants are ready to collect them.

Comprehensive Support

Rapid response support is available to residents and parcel locker owners, seven days a week.

Elegant, Modern Design

We use advanced and evolving technology to provide Australia’s most superior ‘zero contact’ locker systems.


“We wanted to eliminate the risk of parcels being stolen and residents tripping over parcels at our front door. Our complex is now more secure and our residents are happy that they no longer have to wait around for their deliveries. We now have a high tech image to our building that adds value to the complex from both a resale and rental perspective”

Don Caslick

Body Corporate Manager, DCS Management

“The success of the lockers and the unique management system dictates that we will be installing these in all our future projects. The system addresses a massive problem in parcel and mail security and alleviates the issue of parcels left lying about the complexes.”

Allan Larkin

Director, Aspect Property Group


“The Parcel Lockers have made life much easier for everyone at Centra Apartments. Our Onsite Management team are no longer interrupted by parcel deliveries and Couriers. It has been a big selling point to prospective tenants who are impressed by the high tech system and intuitive user experience.”

Geoff Shortland

Onsite Manager, Centra Toowong

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Courier Companies does My Parcel Locker Accept?
All courier companies can deliver parcels to My Parcel Locker systems.
How do couriers access Apartment Building Parcel Lockers?
A verified courier is issued with a bluetooth fob. This fob is programmed with restricted permissions for times and days that access to secure areas of your apartment complex is allowed. As soon as a courier’s bluetooth fob comes into proximity with the bluetooth transceiver, a message is sent to the parcel locker to verify the fob has permission to enter and access is granted. A log is kept on any access requiring the bluetooth fob.
Are My Parcel Locker products waterproof?
All of our Parcel Lockers are available in outdoor variants, and can be installed near or adjacent to an apartment building entrance.
How does My Parcel Locker 'digitally sign' for parcels?

Developed in collaboration with Australia Post, the locker accepts deliveries that require a signature from the recipient/user. Once a package is delivered, MPL becomes the custodian for the parcel and the users proxy until the parcel has been retrieved.

At any time, users may opt out of using ‘Signature Required’ via the ‘Opt Out’ option provided on the App. In some cases, Couriers may request Onsite Management to sign for some parcels. Onsite Management would then deposit the parcel into the parcel lockers. As soon as the parcel has been successfully deposited all risk for the parcel is transferred to MPL.

Can I rent a Parcel Locker System for my Apartment Building?
All of our Parcel Lockers are available for rent or rent-to-buy, as well as purchase. We’ll be happy to walk you through our rates.

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